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For 14 years, Trenna S. Parker, has been a Hamilton County attorney. She has been a registered Family Law Mediator since 2004. Trenna S. Parker Law Office, P.C. offers legal services directed toward helping our clients resolve conflict and move forward with stability and hope. While litigation is certainly within our skill set, we encourage clients to target fair, affordable conflict resolution through reasonable out-of-court settlements or family law mediation. Our experience and research has shown that Litigants who reach agreements outside of Court generally are more satisfied, create longer lasting arrangements and are less stressed by the experience. Whatever your concerns are relating to family and relationships, we have the legal knowledge, skills and perspective to help.

Insight, Creativity And Collaboration Focused On Productive Conflict Resolution

Across all of our established practice areas — which extend to all types of Family Law, Adoption, Guardianship, Juvenile Delinquency, Child in Need of Services, Post-Divorce Modifications, Paternity and Appeals - We care about our clients and put their best interests first.

To take a positive step toward resolution of your legal issue, contact us today and schedule a consultation. We will be glad to discuss our approach to legal representation and my services as a neutral mediator. We are flexible, responsive and dedicated to helping you make the best possible decisions at a pivotal time.

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